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2016, A Year in Review

I’m pretty sure the universal consensus is that 2016 was a kind of a disaster.

From Zika, to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, to worldwide political insanity (Brexit, the presidential election, various impeachments) – this was a year of complete chaos.

Not to mention we lost SO many celebrity icons – Prince, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman. My heart just couldn’t take it.

Universe, what happened?!

It seems as though life’s built up.

My Transitioning Story: Kelly Augustine

For so long, I have given so much power to my hair. I grew up believing that the length of your hair was a gauge for just how beautiful you were. The longer your silky pressed and permed tresses, the more attention you received. With my patchy, knotty crown and round, soft body I felt invisible for a long while. I believed that I never quite compared to the girls with loose curls; I actually convinced myself that I was dull.

Life as a Super Curly Lawyer

Life as a lawyer has been an interesting adventure.  I wanted to become a lawyer to promote liberty, empowerment, and justice. And I’m beyond proud how far I’ve come.  However, throughout this journey I’ve had to overcome an inferiority complex based off, of all things, my hair.

Holiday Beauty Guide

Tis the season for delicious food, sparkly objects, and PRESENTS.

Guys I really, really love presents. I love buying them. I love giving them. I love wrapping them (I’m a monster when it comes to unwrapping them).

But for some, the task of giving the perfect gift can be quite daunting. Which is why we’ve put together a gift guide for all of the beauty lovers in your life. Enter over 20 amazing treats – perfect for anyone in your life who is obsessed with hair care, skin care, fragrance, or cosmetics. #beautyjunkiesunite

Holiday Countdown 2016


It’s December 1st, that means it’s the holidays. Halloween happened, Thanksgiving happened, you can’t yell at me. Holiday mode is ACTIVATED.

Break out the lights, the inflatable lawn ornaments (you love them and you KNOW it), and the pretty wrapping paper.

What’s better than ribbon in 1,000 colors and learning how to tie bows on YouTube? Countdown calendars. You know those things where someone punches out a tiny door and reveals a daily surprise – usually candy. You know what I’m talking about. You fought your sibling over who got to open it each morning.

Well, we like them so much that we’re hosting a digital holiday calendar right here on the blog. It’s like a Deva-holiday party that never ends. Okay it ends after 31 days but we can all pretend.

What kind of surprises are in store over these glorious weeks?

We’ve got giveaways. We’ve got deals. We’ve got special guest bloggers. We’ve got product cocktails. We’ve got SO MANY THINGS.

Be sure to keep up with curly Joneses and check back here every day for a new treat.