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Buildup Buster Breakdown: What’s Inside, How It Works, and How to Use It

*Trumpets sound in the distance*

Now that we’ve all been formally introduced to Buildup Buster, it’s time to talk about her.

Like any product you want the dirt – what’s her deal? What can she really do? And seriously is she worth that money?

So here’s the scoop:

Buildup Buster is DevaCurl’s first ever Treatment product. Aka it’s the first project that’s the living embodiment of “treat yo’ self (and yo’ curls).”

It is a Micellar Water Cleansing Serum. Aka it’s made with micellar technology, which is pretty common in the world of skincare. It’s actually in 1000 skincare products. But Buildup Buster is the ONLY hair care product on the market with this technology.

So yeah, this product is pretty special. But what exactly is micellar technology? And why do you want it in your clarifying cleanser?

Well, micellar cells attract dirt and buildup (from product, hard water, the environment) like a magnet. It literally lifts the debris up and out of the hair.

Essentially micellar water is what makes Buildup Buster work. But it’s actually not what makes it the perfect cleanser for curls.

If you’ve ever used a clarifier, you know they’re really harsh and can dry your curls out.

So DevaCurl set out on a mission – to create a magical, fantastical product that would get all that icky-sticky buildup out, without dehydrating hair. Hence: Buildup Buster.

Buildup Buster isn’t a traditional clarifying shampoo. Instead, it has a serum like texture that’s infused with jojoba and absynnian seed oil, which keeps your hair and scalp hydrated.

Anyone who knows anything about curls knows that moisture is key, and Buildup Buster has that on lock.

But is it just for curls? Nope. Nope. Nope.

Buildup Buster is For All Curl Kind, aka it can be used by any hair texture – wavy, curly, or super curly (from 2A curls all the way to 4C – you get the idea). Oh and it’s totally color safe.

So how do you use this magical product?

Well there’s a video for that.

But just in case you’re more of a reader, here’s the deal:

Use Buildup Buster in place of your regular cleanser, no more than once per week.

Start with soaking wet hair.

To apply the product, unlock the unique needle-nose tip which helps target specific areas of the scalp (you know where all of the build-up icky-ness lives). Then just like any DevaCurl cleanser, scrub it on, and scrub it off. Yes it’s a serum, but that doesn’t mean you leave it in. RINSE IT OUT.

P.S. The product is moisturizing enough that you can work it through your hair if needed.

Be enveloped in the beautiful lush, refreshing scent (seriously it smells so good  – like fresh sea air and jasmine).

Then, follow up with your favorite DevaCurl Conditioner (Delight, Original, or Decadence) or a Heaven in Hair Treatment and finish with your stylers.

The results are undeniably MAGICAL.

As someone who was a guinea pig for the development of this product – it is AMAZING. Seriously, I begged the product development team for more. If you have buildup from product, from hard water, from the environment, from that vacation you took to Mexico where weird ocean things got in your hair, Buildup Buster will restore your curls.

Now yes, I realize that I am writing the DevaCurl blog, so technically I have to say nice things, but for realsies guys this product is everything you could ever want in a clarifier. We should all be saying thank you to the curl gods.

And if you don’t believe me, that’s totally fine, more Buildup Buster for me. But don’t blame me when my hair looks better than yours.

Now tell us, what’s your biggest buildup issue? Do you struggle with it from product? From environmental stressors? And what’s been your go-to to deal with it?

DevaCurl 101: How to Pick a Gel for Curly Hair

Ah hair gel. Glorious, glorious hair gel. Baby Samantha depended on you like no other. You were a saving grace when that scrunched wet look was the thing.

I still remember looking at my shiny, frizz-free, crunchy hair and being like “YES, my hair looks good today.”

I have no idea what was wrong with me.

But don’t even try to deny it – because I know that you had that blue hair gel. You probably still have it. I might actually still have it.

It’s okay, we’re all guilty.

But thankfully in the year 2002, a miracle happened. DevaCurl created its first no-crunch hair gel. Curly girls around the world did a happy dance.

And now we have options, because there’s not one, not two, but THREE gels to choose from. Each is free from silicone which means no crunch, but thanks to some Deva magic you still get gorgeous definition and hold. I have no idea how those curl wizards do it. And frankly it doesn’t matter, all we care about is it works.


How do you know if you need a gel?

A) Are you human?

B) Do you want a long-lasting hair set?

C) Do you want to avoid frizz?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations. You need a gel.


But which one do you choose?! Let me break it down:

Light Defining Gel

This is the OG. Formally known as AnGel it provides soft hold.

Ultra Defining Gel

This one is beloved because it provides strong hold. If you’re looking to avoid washing your hair, this gel will ensure your curls stay intact for an extra day or two.

Arc Angel Gel

This one smells like citrus, and provides the most hold out of any of the gels. It’s also got some extra moisturizing-powers.

Now that you know which gel you need, how do you apply it? Girl, we gotchu.

Here’s how to apply gel:

  1. Start with soaking wet hair. I mean drenched. Like you should probably still be in the shower because your curls are dripping that much.
  2. Figure out how much you need. Check out the below videos based on your chosen gel!

  1. Flip your head forward. Then glide the gel on the exterior of your hair. Get the back, get the front. Make sure your curls are coated.
  2. Scrunch up from the bottom. This helps distribute the product to the interior of your hair.
  3. Let it dry. Let it dry. Let it dryyyyyyyyyy. You can use a diffuser or air dry, and whatever you do, DON’T TOUCH IT DURING THIS PROCESS.
  4. Once you’re totally dry, you’ll notice a curl cast. Do. Not. Panic. This curl cast just ensures that your curls form nicely, all we have to do is scrunch once more. Flip your head over and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. You’ll be left with soft, defined, gorgeous curls.

Congratulations, you’re officially a gel master.

Now tell us which gel is your go-to styler? Do you have any gel-hacks? Share in the comments below!

DevaCurl Did More Than Save My Curls

I will never forget the day my big sister, Aubrie, discovered DevaCurl.  She had spent the day binge watching YouTube videos, saw SunkissAlba’s DevaCut and fell in love.

After years of struggling with our curls we knew, this was it—we needed DevaCuts and DevaCurl!  So, we decided to save up and start our journeys together. We were so excited.

But, before our curly dreams could come true, Aubrie was in a car accident. And on July 12, 2013, she was promoted to a curly angel in heaven. It’s a day I try to not remember, but it’s one I can’t forget.

My sister and I did EVERYTHING together. We talked every single day. She was confident and outgoing. During my own struggle with insecurity she always talked me up. She held my hand through it all.
What was I supposed to do now?

After her accident, I tried to do my hair, but I realized that no matter how it turned out I wouldn’t get to hear what Aubrie thought (she could ALWAYS tell if I did something different). And so for a while I gave up on my curls. More than ever before, I struggled with depression.

One day, I turned to social media and found the curly community. I discovered DevaCurl’s SuperCream challenge and it felt like a message from Aubrie, telling me I had to keep pursuing our curly dreams.

So I decided to dedicate myself to the challenge and my hair, and my life completely changed.  Suddenly, I had thousands of other girls to talk curls with! It felt like talking to my sister again. For so long I felt like I was alone, but that feeling was finally gone.

For the first time I got to help other people on their journeys, the way Aubrie always helped me. I started to feel the same confidence Aubrie always had.

I didn’t win the SuperCream challenge (I was a runner up!) but Aubrie must have worked some magic for me. I ended up getting flown to Devachan Salon in NYC to be featured on one of DevaCurl’s Spring Curl Kits. And I got the DevaCut we both dreamed about (thanks Ed!).

When I think of how Aubrie and I would sit and dream about our curl journeys, I realize that more than just our dreams came true and I can’t help but get goosebumps.

DevaCurl helped me realize Aubrie is still holding my hand. She’s never left my side and is with me every day spreading the curl love! Devacurl ended up not only saving my curls, it saved me❤

Felicia Dickerson has called Fayetteville, North Carolina home since she was five years old. She married Gerren Jones in July of 2008, and is a mother to Geno, Gerren Jr, and Gianna, and an aunt to Braylen, Jacoy Jr, Keion, and Zayden. She is also the co-owner of F.A.D Cake Boutique, an online custom cake boutique that was created by her, her sister, Aubrie, and their best friend, Danisha. When she isn’t being a mom or baking cakes, Felicia is offering curly hair advice to curlies around the world. In the future, she plans to pursue her cosmetology license so she can travel and give hands on hair help. 

The DevaCurl team wants to thank Felicia for sharing her story, and now we want to open up the conversation to our community. What do your curls mean to you? Share with us in the comments.


Winter Hair Hacks

My curls are frozen thanks to the lowering temperature of the atmosphere.

Seriously, it’s getting freaking COLD outside, which uh – in case you missed it, effects your curls. Luckily we’ve got tips from Curl Expert, Cal Ellis, to help get you through the next few weeks. We’ll take you from the shower to the street, and give you tips to care for your curls every step of the way.

5 Mistakes You’re Making with Ultra Defining Gel

ICYMI DevaCurl just released its new Liter sets. $88 gets you a jumbo cleanse and condition duo, plus a styler (all for less than the liters #victory). This year’s kits feature the same styler: Ultra Defining Gel. One product, for all three curl types—yes that’s actually possible. Every texture can use the same product.


Gel is magical. Duh.

But I’ve tried it before, it left my hair crunchy or white and flakey or stringy.

WELL you probably fell trap to some of the most common myths (*ahem* LIES) of how to use it.

Here, we walk you through the must-know facts to give you perfect waves and curls every time.

P.S. Don’t forget to read to the end, you’ve got a chance to win a liter promo plus a bunch of other amazing prizes!

2016, A Year in Review

I’m pretty sure the universal consensus is that 2016 was a kind of a disaster.

From Zika, to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, to worldwide political insanity (Brexit, the presidential election, various impeachments) – this was a year of complete chaos.

Not to mention we lost SO many celebrity icons – Prince, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman. My heart just couldn’t take it.

Universe, what happened?!

It seems as though life’s built up.

My Transitioning Story: Kelly Augustine

For so long, I have given so much power to my hair. I grew up believing that the length of your hair was a gauge for just how beautiful you were. The longer your silky pressed and permed tresses, the more attention you received. With my patchy, knotty crown and round, soft body I felt invisible for a long while. I believed that I never quite compared to the girls with loose curls; I actually convinced myself that I was dull.

Life as a Super Curly Lawyer

Life as a lawyer has been an interesting adventure.  I wanted to become a lawyer to promote liberty, empowerment, and justice. And I’m beyond proud how far I’ve come.  However, throughout this journey I’ve had to overcome an inferiority complex based off, of all things, my hair.